Promotion Requirements

  • Promotion Requirements for K-8 Students

    1. 6th, 7th and 8th grade students must pass all classes, all four quarters in order to promote to the next grade level. 
    2. 4th-8th grade students may attend intersession school for credit recovery. 
    3. K-5 students will have a parent/teacher/administrator conference which will determine if the student is eligible for promotion based upon their academic scores compared to the state standards for the grade level. 
    4. K-8 ELL students who do not pass the AZELLA TEST will not be retained unnecessarily.


    1. SPED students will not be retained unless a formal IEP meeting is held and the Special Education team agrees with the retention. 
    2. If a student is retained and the student’s AIMS Test results indicate a score of “Meets or Exceeds” in all areas tested, the student may be eligible to promote to the next grade level. 
    3. If a student fails a class that is not offered during intersession, the principal may select an alternative course to substitute for credit recovery.
    4. Typically, there are cases with exceptional circumstances and as always, it is the responsibility of the principal, as the leader of the school, to make the appropriate decision.

    8th Grade Promotion Ceremony Participation Requirements

    Students may only participate in the 8th grade promotion ceremony if he/she has a passing grade in all classes, all four quarters. Credit recovery coursework with a passing grade will only be accepted if it is completed prior to the ceremony date. Students who do not pass all four quarters and have not made up the credits through intersession school will not be eligible to participate in 8th grade promotion ceremonies. In special circumstances, see item #8.