• Kindergarten and First Grade bus riders will not be released from the bus without a parent, guardian, sibling or designee to receive them at the bus stop.  In the event someone is not available, they will be taken back to school and parents will be contacted.  This is for the safety of all of our young riders. 

Safety Advice

  • On the way to and from the bus stop:

    • Cross streets at the corner.
    • Use crosswalks whenever possible.
    • Obey traffic signals.
    • Look both ways before crossing the street.
    • Stay on the sidewalk.

    At the bus stop:

    • Stay on the sidewalk and don’t play in the street.
    • Stay behind the curb as the bus approaches.
    • Always cross the street in front of the bus.
    • When you get off the bus, move away from the bus.

    Back to school:

    • Attend the Gopher, Bronco, or Sabercat Days at your student’s high school for additional route information for the new school year.
    • For K-8 parents, once you receive the mailing with your student's route information and ID Card please contact us at transportation@fusdaz.org if you have any questions.
    • Take your child to the bus stop prior to the start of school.
    • Make sure your child knows his/her name and address. If not, write this information inside their backpack.

Student Conduct

  • What are our expectations for student conduct?

    Inappropriate conduct at bus stops, on district vehicles, or in the process of boarding or exiting from a vehicle may result in student disciplinary action including, but not limited to, denial of transportation privileges.

    Listed below are some general rules to follow:

    • All student conduct policies apply at bus stops.
    • Obey the driver's instructions.
    • Keep the aisles clear.
    • Remain seated until the scheduled stop.
    • Keep all body parts inside the vehicle.
    • Do not yell or use vulgar or abusive language.
    • Be respectful to the driver and others.
    • Do not throw anything inside the vehicle or from the vehicle.
    • No food or drink, other than water.
    • Tobacco use is not allowed.
    • Provide proper identification when asked to do so.

    Please refer to the Parent-Student Handbook for more information on transportation rules and regulations, and consequences for failure to comply with these rules. 

    Riding the bus is a privilege, not a right. Suspension of bus riding privileges does not relieve parents of the responsibility of sending a child to school.

PBIS Bus Expectations

  • Be Safe 

    • Sitting in your assigned seat.
    • Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
    • Keep all personal items secure. 
  • Be Respectful

    • Listen to and follow staff directions.
    • Keep the bus clean and graffiti-free.
    • Use kind words and school appropriate language. 
  • Be Responsible

    • Speak in an inside voice.
    • Keep food and drink secure, water permitted.
    • Keep your cool.
    • Show ID to board the bus.
Last Modified on April 25, 2024