• When schools reopen, I am worried about my child’s medical condition, what should I do?
    Please contact your student’s service coordinator to consider options.

    When schools reopen, will IEP/504 meetings be in-person?
    All IEP/504 meetings will continue to be held virtually.

    What procedures are in place for using the restroom and refilling of water bottles for students with special needs?
    Students will have access to restrooms throughout the day with and without adult assistant as needed for students with physical and/or cognitive impairments.  Visual physical distancing requirements will be posted and reinforced in each classroom. Restrooms will have signage for proper handwashing techniques.  Students will be permitted to enter the restrooms in groups no larger than the number of stalls/urinals in the restroom.  Restroom breaks will be monitored by the teacher and/or paraprofessionals to ensure physical distance requirements are being met.  Water bottles refilling stations will be at each school.  Drinking directly from water fountains will be prohibited.  

    Will my child’s teacher/therapist use PPE during instructional times?
    Yes, they have been provided with masks and clear face shields.

    Will there be hand sanitizer available for my student to use?
    Yes, each classroom in FUSD will have it available.

    Will students be able to maintain physical distancing in the classroom?
    Staff will provide reminders and education about maintaining 6 feet apart when possible. Students will be positioned in classrooms to face the same direction and spaced apart as much possible.

    My child is hearing impaired, how will they see their teacher’s face and mouth?
    Face shields will be available for staff.