• Q: What happens if no one is at the stop when the bus arrives to drop my child off and no other arrangements have been made?
    A: Bus arrival times can vary due to traffic and if other students are absent. The bus arrives at the drop-off location, will wait three minutes after
    the scheduled pick-up time, and then depart. Please do not wait until you hear the bus before going outside to the drop-off point. We do not call the house or walk to the door if nobody is outside to receive your child. Your child will be returned to school and must then be picked up by the family.

    Q: What are the procedures if my child does not need a ride to or from school?
    A: Call Transportation day or night if you do not need service. The number is 520-868-8800.

    Q: How long will the morning bus wait?
    A: You should be outside with your child ready for school five minutes before the scheduled pick-up time. If the bus arrives early, the driver will not depart until your child is on-board or until three minutes after the scheduled pick-up time, whichever comes first. After the bus has waited past the pick-up time, they will leave and will not be sent back to pick up your child that day.

    Q: Where will the bus pick up my special needs child?
    A: The bus will pick up your child at the assigned bus stop, which may be in front of your home, or at the end of the street if you live in a cult-de-sac or at a centralized location if you live in an apartment complex, mobile home park, etc.

    Q: Will my child have an adult monitor on board the bus?
    A: Transportation special education monitors are provided only for students who have a specific need identified in their IEP (individualized education plan). Our goal is to have a monitor on every special needs route.  It is rare that a transportation request form will specify that a bus monitor is required.

    Q: How do I arrange to have my child picked up and/or dropped off at a different address?
    A: There are several parts to this answer. If you move to a new address, you must contact your child’s school to arrange for a change in services. If you have made before or after-school daycare arrangements, be sure that the address of the day care provider is within the boundary guidelines of your child’s assigned Special Education Program (3 miles).  We can pick up and drop off your child at an address other than the home address if it’s within the assigned Special Education Program , but we can only route with one pick-up and one drop-off address. Pick-up and drop-off may be two different addresses, but only one pick-up and one drop-off address is allowed. Again, there are no alternating day options and no temporary changes allowed.

    Q: What arrangements are necessary for the drop-off of my child in the afternoon?
    A: You have several options. Your child should always be met at the bus stop by a parent. You may, however, authorize us to drop off your child with other family members, friends or neighbors if necessary. Please have your child’s IEP team reflect these details on the IEP Pro Transportation Form. This is dependent upon the child’s age and disability, of course, and requires that you communicate clearly during the IEP meeting. In the event you need another adult to receive your student at PM drop-off, we require notice to our routing department in advance so we can update your child’s information.