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Student Chromebook Update

  • Parents,

    At the conclusion of the 2023-2024 school year, the FUSD tech team will NOT be collecting Chromebooks from 5th -11th grade students.  Students will keep their devices throughout the six-week summer break. 

    When school resumes in July, the students simply bring their Chromebooks back to school with them. This continuity will allow for a seamless transition back into the classroom on Wednesday July 17th.  We kindly ask for your cooperation in reminding your child to take good care of their device over the summer break. 

    More information regarding this update can be found in the Q&A below. 

    We appreciate your partnership in the learning process.



  • What are the benefits to keeping the same Chromebook throughout a student’s educational career?

  • What activities/programs can students work on over summer with their Chromebook?

  • Do all students keep their Chromebook?

  • When will students return their Chromebook?

  • What if my student is withdrawing from their school?

  • If I purchased insurance, does it cover the summer?

  • If I purchase insurance now, will it cover next school year?

  • Can I purchase insurance for the next school year?

  • Need assistance, or have a question regarding student Chromebooks?

Last Modified on May 6, 2024