Frequently asked Questions


    Question 1: What times will my child attend school on regular school days at Skyline Ranch K-8?

    Answer: The school day begins at 8:35 AM and ends at 3:35 PM, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

    Question 2: What hours will my child attend school on Early Dismissal Days?

    Answer: Early dismissal days are every Wednesday, unless otherwise stated. The day begins at 8:35 AM and releases at 1:20 PM.

    Question 3: What hours are the front office open?

    Answer: The front office opens at 8:00 AM and closes at 4:00 PM.

    Question 4: What do I do if my child is absent?

    Answer: If your child is absent from school, please call the attendance line at (480) 888-7523. If you cannot call the office, please send a written note to our registrar. When you are reporting your child's absence, please tell us why your student is absent. The report of an absence is very important to our school and the State of Arizona. The attendance records help us meet our AYP which is very important to school funding.

    Question 5: What are Skyline Ranch K-8's mascot and school colors?

    Answer: We are the Skyline Ranch Bulldogs and our school colors are black and silver!

    Question 6: Does Skyline Ranch K-8 have an electronics policy?


    Cell phone use is permitted only at lunch time and between classes. If a cell phone or electronic device, without authorization by the administrator, is seen on or heard by a teacher or staff member during class time the teacher or staff member will confiscate the phone/device and turn it over to the school office or principal.  Confiscated cell phones and electronic devices will be returned according to the guidelines listed below. If students choose to bring a cell phone or electronic device to school, it must be turned off during class times.  Parents may call the school office if they need to contact their child during class time.  The school/district is not liable for lost, stolen, damaged, cell phones or electronic devices regardless of the nature of damage.

    Occurrence: Range of Minimum to Maximum Disciplines (Suspension - Expulsion)

    • 1st offense:  Phone or electronic device taken away. Student may pick it up after school
    • 2nd offense:  Phone or electronic device taken away. Parents need to pick up device
    • 3rd offense: Lose of privilege to carry cell phone or electronic device/Up to short term suspension

    Question 7: Does Skyline Ranch K-8 have a student dress code?Answer:

    Dressing in a manner that may result in a distraction or disruption of a safe environment is considered inappropriate.  Attire that suggests involvement in gang activity or any apparel that is suggestive, obscene, lewd, shows vulgar language or symbols, or shows symbols or language relating to or promoting sex, drugs, tobacco, weapons, violence, or alcohol on clothing or accessories are prohibited.  Students should realize that brief and revealing clothing are not appropriate in school.  The following is a general guide that may be used in helping the student select appropriate clothing.  See Policies JIC, JICA, JICA-R.  Ultimately, administration/staff will determine the appropriateness of a student’s apparel and is responsible to direct the student to correct the violation.


    Dress & Grooming Code: 


    ·          Tops that reveal bra straps, cleavage, bare midriffs or bare backs will not be allowed.

    ·          Tops may not be see-through or torn.

    ·          No tube or halter tops.

    ·          No strapless tops.

    ·          Straps must be at least 2 inches wide to be worn.

    ·          No spaghetti straps.

    ·          Tops must have both shoulder straps.


    ·          Pants must be pulled up, worn at the waist, with no undergarments exposed the entire school day.

    ·          Pants may not be worn low-hung across or below the hips.

    ·          Students cannot wear excessively baggy or sagging pants.

    ·          May not have holes, rips or tears especially in the buttocks or other private areas.


    ·          Must be fitted at the waist and conceal all undergarments.

    ·          Must be at a reasonable and modest length, at least to the end of his/her knuckles with arms fully extended.

    ·          Excessively short shorts are not acceptable even if tights are worn underneath them.

    Skirts, Dresses, Jumpers, Shirts, Sports Wear:

    ·          Must be worn at a reasonable and modest length.

    ·          No strapless dresses.


    ·          No bedroom slippers.

    ·          No shoes that could cause injury to another student (such as shoes with spiked heels/toes).

    ·          No FLIP FLOPS permitted on P.E. days.

    ·          Footwear must be worn at all times.


    ·          Must be worn at the waist to keep pants up at the proper level.

    ·          Must be appropriate size, buckled, and worn through belt loops.

    ·          Excessive length of belt must be pulled through belt loops.


    ·          No hats, caps or hoods can be worn in the building by boys or girls.

    ·          Hats worn outside of the classroom may only be worn with the bill facing forward.

    ·          No hair nets, bandannas, doo rags or wave caps may be worn or displayed.


    ·          No attire or accessories with lettering or drawings which depict sexually suggestive expressions or actions, profanity, obscenity, drugs, alcohol or tobacco shall be worn.

    ·          Torn or radically altered clothing is not permitted.

    ·          The school reserves the right to restrict clothing if it has become a symbol for gangs in the community and/or surrounding areas.

    ·          Gang related symbols or insignias on books, caps, belongings or apparel are not allowed.

    ·          No pajamas.

    ·          No slips or camisoles can be worn as dresses or tops.

    ·          Styles of hair/dress/appearance which adversely affect the educational process will not be tolerated.

    ·          Facial jewelry such as lip piercings, ear discs, and/or tattoos.

    ·          No wallet chains are allowed.

    ·          No rings/bracelets/collars/jewelry with spikes are allowed.

    ·          No exceedingly long studded belts.

    ·          No attire or adornments disruptive to the educational environment.

    Occurrence: Range of Minimum and Maximum Disciplines (Conference - Suspension)

    • 1st offense: Sent to office to call parent to get another outfit
    • 2nd offense: OCS; ISS; up to short term suspension; community service
    • 3rd offense: Up to short term suspension

    Question 8: How much does lunch cost and how can I put money on my child's account in the cafeteria?

    Answer: Lunch costs $2.65 for children and $3.65 for adults. Breakfast costs $1.45. Milk costs .35 cents. If you want to put money on your child's meal account, you may deposit money in the cafeteria in the mornings after 8:05 AM. You may also visit and deposit money on your child's meal account. You will need to have your student's ID number to complete the transaction.

    Question 9: Where do I drop my child off before school and pick them up after school?

    Answer:  We have reduced the drop-off and pick-up area to one lane. We ask that parents pull to the front of the line before dropping-off or picking-up their students. This procedure will help with the flow of traffic and time it takes for students to be dropped off and picked up. We ask that cars are parked in the parking lot if you are going to exit the vehicle for any reason and use the cross walk in front of the office.

    Safety is our main priority at Skyline Ranch. These new procedures have been established to maintain the highest level of student safety. Thank you for your continued support of the school procedures.