• Middle School Health and Physical Education Syllabus Skyline Ranch k-8

    Dear Parents,

    Please review this syllabus with your child. Then detach the last page, fill in the information required and send back with your child. Please keep the first sheet for reference. You can also go to the Skyline Ranch website: https://sites.google.com/a/fusdaz.org/skyline-ranch-p-e/ Click on “PE Information” for more information and helpful links.

    We are looking forward to a great year! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Important email: wchristensen@fusdaz.org Phone: 480-888-7520 ext. 4873. pmortlock@fusdaz.org Phone: 480-888-7520 ext. 4871.


    Mr. Christensen and Mr. Mortlock


    Students will adhere to the six pillars of good character: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and good citizenship.

    Course Description: In this class students will learn: Various team and individual sports, stretching, fitness components, goal setting, teamwork, good sportsmanship, leadership, and various aspects of health and nutrition.

    Daily Grade: Students will earn 10 points on normal P.E. days (40 points a week). Earning 100 percent for the day would signify that the student did excellent that day. Points may be deducted if the student displays any of the following: Poor behavior, poor attitude, poor effort, not dressing down, bad sportsmanship, skipping exercises or agilities, tardiness, not following directions or failing to meet class expectations. Students will lose some points for any minor type of infraction. Students will also lose half their points if they are tardy. A major infraction will result in both -loss of all points and further disciplinary action. Students will also be responsible for other assignments, tests, and quizzes over various P.E. and health subjects such as Game rules, nutrition, goal setting, decision making, fitness test which include: cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility.

    Dressing Down (required): In order for students to earn points they must dress down each day for P.E. Students must change into clothing appropriate for the physical education setting. Light colored t-shirts, gym shorts, or athletic sweatpant of some sort (not jogger pants, or cargo shorts). Non-marking athletic shoes (tennis type) that have laces that tie up tight. (Flip flops, sandals, and boots are not appropriate footwear for class). Shirts cannot be tied in the front or back (no cut-off sleeves or tank tops). Points lost from not dressing down may not be made up by the student. Also, P.E. clothing must adhere to the dress code set forth in the middle school handbook.

    Be prepared for cold / hot weather, we will be going outside for P.E. Clothing should be taken home and washed once a week. Also, students need to have stick or gel deodorant in their locker, and may not have any aerosol sprays or perfumes such as “axe” and other similar sprays. If a student wishes to shower after class, they may be given more time to get ready at the end of class.

    Lockers and Locks: Small lockers are available for you at your own risk. However, we do not provide locks, so please bring one from home. Combination locks work the best, no key locks please. We will assign a locker once you have brought in a lock. Students are responsible for their lock and locker. Locker room will be locked during class time. Teachers are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Students should also practice their combinations so that they become proficient enough not to waste time getting ready for P.E. Students are not to share lockers or share their locker combinations. This will result in disciplinary action.

    Locker Room: Locker room rules will be strictly enforced. Rules are posted and will be explained by the instructor.

    -Keep our locker room clean (Do not leave trash or any personal items on the floor, benches, or lockers when you leave. Ask where the nearest trashcan is if you are unaware.

    -No horseplay allowed in the locker room (running, yelling, or screaming, etc.

    -Use of doors exiting to the exterior of the gym is not permitted unless otherwise instructed.

    -No cell phones/I-Pods/ Recording Devices/ etc.

    -Dress out and be ready for role within 4 minutes after the tardy bell.

    Sick or Injured Students: If a student is sick or injured they need to bring a note from home. This will excuse students for up to two days. A doctor’s note is required for missing more than two days. It is encouraged that the student visits the doctor in these cases. In the case of more severe injuries or health issues, please have the child’s doctor send a list of exercises and activities that are appropriate for them to perform during class. Missed days must be made up by completing a make-up assignment in order to receive credit. Make-up assignment lists will be posted in each locker room and will be available to students as needed. If students have missed multiple days, it is their responsibility to make sure the make-up assignments are completed and turned in. If students do not have the grade they would like this is a great way to earn points back and bring grades up.

    Skyline Ranch Physical Education Syllabus grades 6 - 8

    Instructors: Mr. Mortlock /Mr. Christensen

    I have read and understand the expectations for the class. I understand I am responsible for my actions and the choices I make. I understand there may be negative consequences if I choose to make poor choices.


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    Locker Combination Locks

    Students please write down your combination lock here. If for some reason you forget it. I will have it on file in my locked file cabinet in the coach’s office. This way you will have a backup plan if you forget it.

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    Medical Concerns / Allergies _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Anything else you think it would be helpful for me to know _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Thank you for taking the time to read and complete the PE Syllabus. I am looking forward to another successful quarter. Go Bulldogs!!!