K-5 Guidelines

  • We are looking forward to a great year! If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. Important email: 

    wchristensen@fusdaz.org     Phone: 480-888-7520 ext. 4873.

    pmortlock@fusdaz.org          Phone: 480-8887520 ext. 4871. 


    Mr. Mortlock and Mr. Christensen

    Your child will be in physical education class twice a week for 40 minutes each.  It is important that they dress appropriately on the two days they have physical education. "Remember physical education is a moving experience".  Students need to were tennis type shoes , no flip flops, sandals, or boots on the days they have physical education.  Also girls should not where dresses.  Skorts, shorts, or pants would be appropriate for them.  We will be doing many different activities that require quick and agile movements.  So check your child's classroom P.E. schedule for the days they have physical education. And wear appropriate tennis shoes and appropriate clothing.  
    Students are to come in and sit crisscross on their assigned spots when they come into the gym.  Spots are in alphabetical order by last names.

    Gym Rules are:    

    1.  Stop, look, and listen on the signal.  (Hand clap or whistle).

    2.  Follow directions first time given.

    3. Treat classmates with respect, and call them by their given name.

    4. Use equipment for its intended purpose.

    5. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

    6. Always encourage, don’t put down others.

    7. Improve each time you come to class.

    8. Win without boasting, lose without blaming.

    Consequence for the above infractions:    Verbal Warning

                                                                            Five minute timeout against wall.

                                                                            Timeout rest of class period.

                                                                            Call home or e-mail home

                                                                            Extreme case-Sent to office

    Daily Grade:

    Students have a chance to  earn 10 points on P.E. days .   Earning 20 points a week would signify that the student received 100 percent. Points may be deducted if the student displays any of the following: Poor behavior, poor attitude, poor effort, not dressing down, bad sportsmanship, skipping exercises, or agilities, tardiness, not following directions, or failing to meet class expectations.  Students may lose two to three of their daily points for any minor type of infraction.   A major infraction will result in both loss of all points and further disciplinary action. Students will also be responsible for other assignments, tests and quizzes over various P.E. and health subjects such as: Game rules, nutrition, goal setting, decision making, fitness test which include: cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, muscular endurance, and flexibility.

    Sick or Injured Students: 

    If a student is sick or injured they need to bring a note from home.  This will excuse students for up to two days. A doctor’s note is required for missing more than two days. It is encouraged that the student visits the doctor in these cases. In the case of more severe injuries or health issues, please have the child’s doctor send a list of exercises and activities that are appropriate for them to perform during class.  Missed days must be made up in order to receive credit.