Poston Butte High School

  • Hello, and thank you for your interest in Poston Butte High School. In addition to the standard core curriculum - Science, Mathematics, English, Social Studies & Physical Education/Health - we offer the following curriculum that can only be found here on our campus. As we let our students know, "Once you step through our doors, your only limitation"

STEM Academy

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    STEM has three separate disciplines: Biotechnology, Computer Science, and Engineering. In Biotechnology, students focus on Biology, Chemistry, Biotechnology 1, Biotechnology 2, and Forensic Science. Biotechnology looks at molecular biology, viruses, bacteria, the immune system. Students will culture superbugs and design a virus. In their final year they will learn everything there is to know about crime scenes and how to work as an evidence technician.
    In Computer Science, students focus on Introduction to Computer Programming, AP Computer Science Principles, and AP Computer Science A. At the end of their four years, students will know how to code and create their own computer games and programs.
    In Engineering, students focus on Introduction to Engineering Design, Principles of Engineering, AP Computer Science Principles, and Engineering Design and Development. Students will learn how to draft, build and how to code to make their projects move. In their senior year, they will build a product from the ground up and enter it into SkillsUSA to compete against other schools and present their product to engineers and design companies. 

     Students will take many honors and AP classes that will make them college ready and possibly ahead in college credits. If you have a passion for these disciples listed, want a hands-on interactive education, and are willing to push yourself intellectually, STEM is the place for you!

    To visit our website for more information CLICK HERE

Aerospace Engineering

  • Aerospace Engineering is the third course in the Project Lead The Way high school program. Through hands-on engineering projects developed with NASA, students learn about aerodynamics, flight planning, navigation, astronautics, space-life sciences, materials, structures and systems engineering (which includes the study of intelligent vehicles like the Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity).  NOTE; this course may require the student to travel to an off-site location.  Participation in SkillsUSA is strongly encouraged.

Bronco Studios

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    Graphic/Web Design prepares students to apply technical knowledge and skills to the layout, design, and typographic arrangement of printed and/or electronic graphic and textual products. The Graphic and Web Design program includes instruction in the operation and maintenance of specialized computer hardware as well as the professional use of industry-standard software applications.  Participation in FBLA is strongly encouraged.

    The Graphic/Web Design 2 course includes advanced instruction in digital imaging, print preparation, page layout and design, desktop publishing, and applicable principles of graphic design and web page design as well as an in-depth examination of graphic and web design’s role in various commercial, industrial, and entertainment enterprises.  Students will have the opportunity to earn Industry Certifications.  Participation in FBLA is strongly encouraged.

Sports & Entertainment Management Program

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    Sports & Entertainment Business Operations will introduce students to integrated computer software applications as they apply to the technical support functions.  The course will focus on the sports and entertainment industries.  Students will develop applicable computer skills by creating documents such as reports, forms, analysis, presentations, data storage, and web based information using Microsoft Office Software.  Additionally, keyboarding skills will be integrated into the curriculum. Students will learn leadership skills; resume building skills, community service opportunities, competition opportunities that allow students to apply the knowledge that they have been learning in the Business Education course.  Participation in FBLA is strongly encouraged.

    Sports & Entertainment Business Operations 2 will explore more advanced business concepts in the sports and entertainment industries such as cash management and banking procedures, payroll procedures, exploring global business, comparing management functions, and evaluating staff concepts. Students develop advanced knowledge and skills in desktop publishing, office procedures, transcription, public relations, records management and customer service while integrating the skills attained in Business Operations Participation in FBLA is strongly encouraged.

Culinary Arts

  • Bronco Bistro logo Students will be introduced to one of the world’s oldest and largest industries…the hospitality industry (hotels, restaurants, recreation, and travel and tourism). This course is for students who want to be managers in the hospitality industry. It also teaches students essential life skills for success in their personal and professional lives. Topics such as critical thinking, career matching, entrepreneurship, and employability skills will be built into the curriculum. Students will also build and run a restaurant from the ground up, our Bronco Bistro. Students will have the opportunity to participate in SkillsUSA conferences and competitions. This course is ideal for students who are interested in the field of hospitality, business, marketing, or communications.

Air Force Junior ROTC

  • AFJROTC logo Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC) is a program designed to develop citizens of character dedicated to serving their nation and community. It is NOT a military recruiting program. Each AFJROTC class consists of three components: Aerospace Science (AS), Leadership Education (LE), and a wellness program. Uniform wear and associated grooming standards are required elements in all AFJROTC courses.

Performing & Fine Arts

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    The Fine Arts Department has diverse classes to fill a student’s desire to perform, create, design, and collaborate with their peers.  The main Fine Arts classes offered at Poston Butte include Ceramics, Marching Band, Concert Band, Jazz Band, Drawing, Dance, Painting and Theater.  These courses are designed to enhance a student’s ability to problem solve, utilize self-expression, and become a leader in their classroom.  An Arts Education at Poston Butte is essential.

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

  • FBLA logo FBLA is a dynamic organization of young people with nearly 5,000 members in Arizona.

    What do you get out of FBLA?
    · Leadership Opportunities
    · Scholarship Opportunities
    · Competition
    · State and nation-wide travel
    · Community Service
    · Resume Building

    FBLA's mission is to bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development programs.

  • CAC logo Florence Unified Career & Technical Education (CTE) has a partnership with Central Arizona College (CAC) and Poston students can take advantage of free college.  Not only will PB students get free college, but will earn dual enrollment college credits, have their uniforms and books paid for, and even have transportation to CAC and back to Poston.

    Starting your sophomore year, students can enroll in Construction, Early Childcare, and Hospitality Management.  In their Junior and Senior years, students can also enroll in Diesel Engine Repair, Automation and Robotics, and Heavy Equipment Operations.  Each program is for 2 hours in the student’s schedule, but again transportation is provided.

    For more information regarding the partnership with CAC and FUSD CTE, please contact Tracey Celaya at or by phone at 520-866-3573.

Career and Technical Education (CTE)

  • CTE logo Career and technical education covers a variety of challenging fields in diverse subject areas which are constantly evolving due to the changing global economy. Some of the career areas that students may enter through career and technical education include: Trade and Industrial (automotive technicians, carpenters, electricians); Business and Marketing (entrepreneurs, financial officers); Family and Consumer Sciences (management and life skills, executive chefs, hotel managers); Health Occupations (nurses, physical therapists, biomedical engineers); Public Safety and Security (EMT’s, emergency management and response coordinators); and Artistic (cosmetology, visual media, arts/graphics designers).

    To view our 2019-2020 Course Catalog, starting at page 43, for a full list of courses offered CLICK HERE

  • CAVIT logo CAVIT is Pinal County’s local Joint Technical Education District (JTED). It offers Career and Technical Education courses that our high schools do not offer. All of the CAVIT courses are held on its central campus located in Coolidge. Our high schools provide daily transportation to and from CAVIT’s  Coolidge campus during the school year for those enrolled in a CAVIT course.

    To view our 2019-2020 Course Catalog, starting at page 54, for a full list of courses offered CLICK HERE

Last Modified on March 16, 2022