Academics at San Tan Foothills

  • At San Tan Foothills, students are awarded an opportunity to succeed in whatever they choose to accomplish. We are proud to offer the AP Capstone Diploma Program, Exciting Career and Technical Education (CTE) Electives, and core classes that support all skill levels. San Tan Foothills partners with the Central Arizona Vocational Institute of Technology (CAVIT) and Central Arizona College (CAC) to offer a far-reaching range of educational opportunities for everyone. San Tan Foothills further supports our students through the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program, designed to guide students with high academic potential and prepare them for entrance to secondary education.

    The San Tan Foothills staff is dedicated to student achievement and opportunities for everyone, and we look forward every day to helping our Sabercat family achieve whatever it is they set their mind to!

    -Steve Miller, Principal


Literacy/Language Arts

  • English courses at San Tan Foothills are designed to foster creativity and develop the lifelong literacy and communication skills necessary for success in higher education and the workplace. Students are exposed to a variety of classic literature and contemporary nonfiction at each grade level. Each text is used as a vehicle for critical thinking in which we explore the author’s craft as well as question our world, our values, ourselves, and our common humanity. We offer a rigorous writing program through which students gain practical experience as they work through the writing process in literary analysis, argumentative writing, research and presentation, and narrative writing. Courses include: English 9 and 9H, English 10 and 10H (World), English 11 (American), English 12 (British), AP Literature and Composition, and AP Language and Composition.

Social Studies

  • Imagine you are walking along and you see a penny. You pause for a moment and think about picking it up.  In that moment, you were using skills from ECONOMICS. Think about an event that has shaped your life. Consider: How does that past event affect me today?  By answering that question, you are using skills from HISTORY.  Next time a new neighbor moves in on your street, ask them why they moved.  As you think about what could be pushing or pulling them to a new home, you are using skills from GEOGRAPHY.  And finally, when the newspaper lands on your doorstep, with a headline about a new law that Congress passed, and you stop to weigh the positive and negative consequences of that law, you are using skills from GOVERNMENT. In the Social Studies department at San Tan Foothills we learn about people. We study society and ask questions about our behaviors and the behaviors of others.

World Language

  • San Tan Foothills proudly offers Spanish I and Spanish II course offerings, as well as Honors and Higher Level Spanish courses. These courses are designed to meet college and university entrance requirements for both in-state and out-of-state programs.

Fine Arts

  • Welcome to the Sabercat Fine Arts Department, where we offer both visual arts and performing arts.  At San Tan Foothills High School, we believe the Fine Arts enhance our students’ lives.  Sabercats are exposed to the arts by creating, performing, and studying.

    Music also plays an important role in our lives and this couldn’t be more true at the educational level. In the STFHS music program, nothing is valued more than the principles, dedication, work ethic, determination, intelligence, passion, and camaraderie that accompanies the study and performance of music. Countless research studies confirm how music education positively engages students in such a way that further enables them to succeed in virtually every other practice of academia. Even beyond that, we, at STFHS, simply love to create beautiful, inspiring music. Currently offering Marching Band, Concert Band, Color Guard, Jazz Band, Piano 101 and Piano 102, there’s no limit to  students’ opportunities both in and out of music.


  • The science department at STFHS implements an inquiry-based method of instruction in all science courses offered. Courses include Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Advanced Placement Biology, with additional courses offered in the future. Inquiry based learning focuses on a central question which frames the curriculum students are asked to investigate.  The science department utilizes a variety of methods of instruction including lectures, class discussions, individual and group projects, and lab experiments.


  • Today, now more than ever, mathematics is helping reshape the world as we know it. With technology rapidly changing, our future world needs complex problem-solvers. At San Tan Foothills, we are striving to help students become just that. Through the use of technology and hands-on learning, we are scaffolding the confidence and necessary skills to tackle and solve the most basic to complex real world problems. Whether you are looking to pursue a future in STEM, CTE, entrepreneurship, or to be a successful citizen, we will prepare you for your future world.

Physical Education/Health

  • Our Physical Education Department is very passionate about providing all of our students with a comprehensive fitness program that will give students the tools and knowledge to attain and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We want our students to understand that this can make a vital difference in their lives-a difference that can impact their wellness for a lifetime. Physical Education provides a unique opportunity for students to learn through experiencing movement. Therefore, it is important for students to engage themselves in their learning.

Air Force JROTC

  • Welcome to Poston Butte High School’s Air Force JROTC!  If you are a student at San Tan Foothills High School, you can enroll in JROTC at PBHS. Our unit has a crosstown agreement with STFH which allows students to enroll into Air Force JROTC.  The mission of AFJROTC is to "Develop citizens of character dedicated to serving their nation and community." AFJROTC is not an Air Force accessions program and cadets are never under any obligation to join the military. AFJROTC is a citizenship training program that is designed to educate and train high school cadets in citizenship, promote community service, instill personal responsibility, character, and self-discipline. The program achieves this through classroom education in air and space fundamentals as well as hands-on learning during several fun and challenging activities.