A Message From Mr. Jeff Cox, Director of K12 Athletics

  • Hello FUSD, 
    I wanted to reach out to update you on Winter Sports. On Monday, November 16th, the AIA recommended to delay the start of winter sports competition until sometime in January. Details for the actual start date and competition date have not been finalized. Currently, Pinal County is within the metrics which have allowed us to practice, but that is updated weekly and is being monitored. 

    FUSD Winter Sports will continue to practice during the months of November and December as long as we are within the metrics used by the Pinal County Health Department. 

    If the Pinal County Metrics fall outside that matrix, we will not be allowed to continue with Winter Sports workouts/practices. Your sports' head coach is sent the information each week and should be your contact with any questions. 

    The AIA Winter Sports game schedules were released earlier, but now need to be reworked with the delay of the season. Your High School's Athletics Department will send out the new game schedules as soon as they have been finalized.