FUSD Boundaries

K-8 Boundaries (2021-2022)

K-8 Boundaries (2022-2023)

High School Boundaries

Boundary FAQs

  • Why were the boundaries changed at all?
    Due to increased growth in some parts of the district, some schools are at capacity with existing enrollment. It is necessary to rebalance the students to other schools that have limited growth and more capacity to ensure that there is space to accommodate all students.

    What if I want my child to stay at their current school?
    All families may apply for open enrollment approval, if accepted they may continue at their school of choice with no transportation benefits. Additional information will be provided on this process at the start of the second semester.

    Will there be any changes to the High School boundaries for entering 8th graders?
    NO, high school boundaries will remain the same. Students will attend the high school boundary in which they live.

    If my children participate in special programming per their IEP will their school change?
    Only students who are required to attend a special program location would be eligible to stay regardless of open enrollment. All other students in special education will be provided the same services at the school that they are attending.

    Will my student receive transportation to and from the new school?
    All students eligible to ride the bus per Board Policy will receive transportation services.

    If I am accepted on open enrollment will I receive transportation (in-district)?
    Students who are accepted on an open enrollment application will not be eligible for transportation. Parents would be responsible for transporting the student to and from school.

    Do all schools offer the same athletic programs?
    Yes. All K8 schools in Florence Unified School District offer the same athletic sports and follow the same eligibility requirements for participation.

    Will after school care be available at my children’s school?
    Students attending a new school will be eligible for after school care provided by the Boys and Girls Club hosted at Skyline Ranch K8. More information on the program can be found here.

    When can I take a tour of the new school?
    Each school will be hosting a “get to know you” event in the spring for incoming students. This will be communicated to all families who will be experiencing a boundary change.

    What if I want my child to attend another school because I need to transport them?
    Any child needing to attend another school other than their boundaried school, must apply for open enrollment. Applications for open enrollment will be processed per board policy.

    Does this affect which high school my child goes to?
    No. All students’ current boundaried high school will remain the same.

    What if my child attends a specific program (MYP, STEM, Gifted, ESS, etc) at another school?
    Any student wishing to stay at their current school for any reason will need to complete an open enrollment application. Open enrollment applications will be processed according to board policy and based on capacity.

    Will class sizes increase with more students coming to my child's school?
    FUSD uses the same staffing ratio for all schools within the district. Although not all classes are the same size due to a variety of factors, class sizes are not drastically different between schools.